Table 1.5 Financial risk forecasting errata

Table 1.5

October 22, 2011

My FM320 student Han Wang pointed out that Table 1.5 is not right. It is supposed to have a two tailed probability of outcomes, but the %1 number is 1-the one tailed prob, and the rest are one tailed. So, here are the correct numbers. Set the volatility to 1.16 as per Table 1.2, and get

1% 0.3886496
2% 0.08468295
3% 0.009703866
5% 1.630002e-05
15% 3.007448e-38
23% 1.721029e-87
with the R code to do the calculation

Figure 8.1 backtesting
Multiperiod volatility

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